Our Engineering Division represents following reputed Marine manufacturers as Sales & after- Sales agents & has team of factory trained engineers to support our customer projects locally.


  • Shinko Industries Ltd Japan: - Cargo / Ballast, Centrifugal, Steam Turbines, Turbo Generators/Feed Pumps, AUS (Automatic unloading systems)
  • Taiko Kikai Industries Co. Ltd Japan. – Screw, Gear & Centrifugal Pumps, Oily Water Separator, Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Fukui Seisakusho Co. Ltd Japan. – Safety & Relief Valves for Boilers
  • Fukushima Ltd Japan.- Hydraulic Deck Machinery.
  • Kokuho Company Japan:- High performance automatic welding machines
  • Kosaka Laboratory Ltd Japan: - Submersible Cargo Pumps
  • Kurita Water Industries Ltd Japan: - Superior Machine Chemicals for Boiler water & Diesel Engine cooling systems.
  • Miura Protec Co. Ltd Japan: - Marine Boilers & Incinerators.

  • Musashino Co. Ltd Japan: – Cargo & Ballast tank level gauging equipment.
  • Nakakita Seisakusho Co. Ltd Japan: - Cargo & Ballast valves and Control Systems.
  • Nikura Corporation Japan: – Pressure / Vacuum Valves, Pipe Fittings, Valves Scupper plugs, storm valves, air-vent heads.
  • Osaka Valve Co. Ltd Japan: - Cryogenic Valves for LNG/LPG applications.
  • Takashina Life preservers Co. Ltd Japan: - Inherently Buoyant Insulated Immersion suits.
  • Volcano Co. Ltd Japan: - Incinerators, Burner management system.
  • Akasaka Diesels Ltd Japan: - Marine Diesel Engines.
  • LK VALVES Sweden: General valves and quick closing valve systems